Javier Hasse

Cannabis & Biotech Author & Journalist

Javier Hasse is a young, passionate writer and reporter with a focus on, and a strong commitment to the cannabis and (small cap) biotech industries. For years, Javier has strived to educate people on entrepreneurship, business, policy, politics and science topics, putting an emphasis on research and hard data, interpreting this information through a qualitative lens in an attempt to make the reader feel closer to the material. His work is often qualified as easily understandable, accessible to everyone, didactic and unpretentious.

Over time, Javier has become an advocate of marijuana legalization, proclaiming the societal, economic and public health benefits that would derive from it.

As of 2017, Javier had more than 4,5000 articles published on a variety of mass media outlets including Playboy, High Times, Leafly, Benzinga, The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, InsiderMonkey, CNN Money, MSN, Nasdaq, Morningstar, Microsoft, FOX Business, Investing Channel, among many others. Javier also serves as the Lead Content Strategist at Benzinga’s Cannabis Newsdesk and hosts a weekly multimedia segment featuring female leaders in the cannabis industry, “Wonder Women of Weed.”

In addition, Javier wrote a book titled Start Your Own Cannabis Business, available in bookstores across the U.S. and Canada (via Entrepreneur Media) starting April 2018. Prior to becoming a full-time reporter and writer, Javier served as CEO for a financial research and content creation company.