Tony Payton Jr.

Partner, David Scott Partners

Tony Payton Jr. spent six years in government representing Philadelphians of the 179th Legislative district in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives. His tenure as a State Representative allowed him to develop the skills and relationships needed to deal with the complexities of government. While a State Representative, Mr. Payton was seen as a coalition builder able to work on both sides of the aisle and find compromise to get things done. Elected in 2007, he served on the Health and Human Services, Professional Licensure, Transportation and State Government committees.

Mr. Payton also served in the administration of Governor Tom Wolf as a Deputy Secretary for Community Affairs and Economic Development for the State Department of Community and Economic Development. Managing various federal programs like CDBG, CSBG, Disaster Recovery funds and many State Tax Credit Programs. He also oversaw the Governor’s Center for Local Government.

After his years in the legislature, Mr. Payton worked as an associate at the public affairs firm Malady and Wooten, LLP. While at Malady and Wooten, he oversaw the opening and expansion of the firm’s Philadelphia office.

Mr. Payton joined David Scott Partners in 2017 as a partner and represented a client who won a coveted license to grow and process medical cannabis as well as a dispensary in the most competitive region of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Payton is fundamentally a relationship manager who has a unique ability to find the winning formula for all involved in an issue. He has relationships with legislators from both political parties, and a keen understanding of the legislative process.

Specialties: Education, Healthcare, Housing & Finance, Ethics, Transportation, Human Services and Professional Licensure.